Epic Athlete | Bethany Thompson

Being an epic athlete to me means that even though I am with a group of amazing athletes that are extremely talented, everybody starts somewhere. Nobody starts off being the best at what they do, you have to work for it. To be the best you have to push yourself, you have to set goals, […]

Gym Spotlight | Lancaster Athletic Cheer

Lancaster Athletic Cheer → LA All Stars (or) LA 1. Lancaster Athletic Cheer started in 2013 with just 26 girls; tell us about the journey you and those athletes went on to start up LAC. We started LAC with just 26 excited athletes who were interested in competing after football cheer ended. Every competition and […]

Gym Spotlight | Marlboro Competitive Cheer

Rec → All Star 1. When did Marlboro Competitive Cheer form? Tell us how it all started! Marlboro Cheer started in 1990 as a sideline program by Debra Coley and Sharese Stevens. They started under the guidance of the Marlboro Boys and Girls Club with 12 young ladies. These women had no idea what cheerleading […]

Epic Gives Back | Maryland SPCA

The end of the summer and the beginning of the competition season means it’s time for EPIC to visit one of our favorite organizations, the MD SPCA! This awesome organization is not only a wellness clinic, but also a home away from home for all pets. They have no time limit for how long a […]

Epic Athlete | Ava Acheson

“What’s the next challenge?” is the question an Epic Athlete is always asking themselves in the back of their mind. I feel the definition of an Epic Athlete is having the drive to constantly push forward in your sport. All of my fellow Epic Athletes are incredible to watch perform. They jump higher, tumble harder […]

Epic Gives Back | Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities are located all across the nation and serve as a “home away from home” for families with seriously injured or ill children. Many families have to travel in order to receive care for their child and that creates quite a financial burden. Baltimore is home to some of greatest hospitals in […]

Epic Athlete | Brookelyn Cristaudo & Payton Derr

Our first Epic Athletes of the season are Brookelyn Cristaudo from Utah Fusion Allstars and Payton Derr from Pennsylvania Elite. As 12-year-old Payton put it, “ an Epic Athlete is one that excels in her sport. She is ambitious and is always working hard and willing to learn new skills/techniques to help her continue to […]

Gym Spotlight | Power Cheer!

Power Cheer! is celebrating 20 years; tell us about your journey. I moved to Florida after cheering at the University of Kansas and began working as an xray tech. I had been involved in gymnastics and cheer for the majority of my life and NOT being involved was killing me! I called around the local […]

Gym Spotlight | Myrtle Beach All Stars

When was Myrtle Beach All Stars founded: “It was 2011. Our first year was spent recruiting and training athletes. Our first competitive season was 2012.” Give us some background of how the gym came to be: “I had a gym in NC for quite some time and had considered opening up one if we ever […]

Rise Up | Emily Bott & Shelby Fellows

Our March Epic Athletes may be small but oh so mighty. Both Emily Bott and Shelby Fellows possess the poise of a humble competitor and drive of a winner. Each takes a different approach to Rising Up. Emily Bott of Long Island Cheer speaks on the specific struggles she has faced this season and how […]