Be Epic

The word Epic has become a part of our everyday vocabulary and the team at the Epic Brands couldn’t be happier.┬áVisa used the tagline “Make it Epic” in their 2013 Super Bowl Campaign Ad which featured one of the most recognizable voices in America, Morgan Freeman. And when Morgan Freeman says something, we tend to listen. This year, Blue Sky Studios released a computer animated movie titled “Epic” about the adventures of teenage girl fighting the battle between good and evil. And now for the 2013-14 cheerleading and dance competition season, the Epic Brands will be unveiling our new advertising campaign entitled Be Epic.

During the coming months we’ll be highlighting teams, cheerleaders and coaches who epitomize what it means to Be Epic. We’ll be making our way across the country shooting footage of these teams in action to give you some insight into what they do everyday to Be Epic. We’re going to be focusing on five different mindsets on how to Be EpicMake Your Mark, Show Your Swagger, Fight For It, Never Give Up and Believe.

Keep up-to-date on the Be Epic campaign but checking out our dedicated webpage and using the hashtag #BeEpic on social media. We’re excited about our upcoming ad campaign and we hope you’re inspired by the cheerleaders, teams and coaches we’re highlighting.