Rise Up | Madison Baran

When we asked Epic Athlete Madison Baran of South Jersey Storm All Stars how she rises up, she told us about overcoming injury, a relatable topic for many cheerleaders. Read her story below: “It was my freshman year of high school and I was a track sprinter. At our very first track meet on April […]

Rise Up October | Epic Staff

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Epic Staff wanted to dedicate the October volunteer activity to this particular cause. We decided to support the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure which is an annual race raising funds and awareness for breast cancer. They raise funds for research, resources, and education and are […]

Rise Up | Blake Forry

Epic Athlete Blake Forry of Maryland Twisters Reign isn’t only being featured by the Epic Brands this month but graced the cover of Inside Cheer magazine! We couldn’t be more proud. After having the chance to meet Blake at our Under Armour Epic Athlete shoot we know of the kind, enthusiastic and very talented young […]

Epic Experience

We love Epic Brands competitions. The company provides excellent customer service for coaches, and athletes. We love the Friendly staff and environment they provide from the registration process to the quality scoring! We feel like family when we arrive at the events . The Epic staff are truly EPIC! Thank you for the many Worlds […]

Rise Up | Kennedy Thames

Epic Athlete Kennedy Thames is known for her top-notch flying skills and fun-loving personality but what most of her followers and fans don’t know are the sacrifices she has made to get to where she is today. Kennedy is a flyer for Rockstar Beatles located in Greenville, NC. She drives almost two hours each way […]

Gym Spotlight | Nor’ Eastern Storm Allstars

When did NES form?  March 2006 What were some struggles you faced when NES first started? Location was difficult, a little out of the way as well as not handicapped accessible.  The next location allowed us to add a special needs team. Also people weren’t familiar with competitive cheerleading so we had to get a lot of information […]

Rise Up | Marisa Bruno

When we asked Epic Athlete Marisa Bruno how she Rises Up she spoke about the dedication, persistence, and concentration it takes to master high level skills in cheerleading. While these philosophies are emphasized from the age an athlete can understand them, they are often taken for granted. Marisa, of USA Wildcats, reminds us that these […]

Rise Up | SPCA

The Epic Office is happy to be volunteering out in our community again! This competition season we are encouraging everyone to Rise Up whether that’s overcoming an obstacle related to your sport, personal life, or your environment. Here at the Epic Office we are rising up against our environment by affecting positive change. And to […]

Rise Up | Angel Rice

As a two time World Champion and Guinness World Record holder, Angel Rice is the face of success in the cheer industry. Her tumbling abilities set her apart from the increasing number of cheerlebrities that grace social media platforms across the country. As a member of Stingray Allstars Orange, she begins her final season of […]

Live Full Out | Party In a Box

For February, the Epic office organized a Valentine’s Day Party-in-a-Box for the Children’s Hospital at Sinai in Baltimore, MD. Staff members donated plates, napkins, crafts, decorations, balloons, candy, cards, and other supplies in the hopes of creating a fun and carefree atmosphere the patients and staff could enjoy. We wrapped the supplies in printed tissue […]