Lead The Way: Capital Cheer

How and when did Capital Cheer start? Capital Cheer began as an extension of Capital Gymnastics National Training Center in Burke, Virginia. With men’s and women’s competitive and recreational gymnastics programs, the development of Capital All-Star Cheer was inevitable. Capital Cheer coaches are trained gymnastics and dance instructors with years of experience in a variety […]

Future 5: Platinum Athletics Cheer

How does Platinum Athletics Lead the Way? Platinum Athletics leads the way with their heart and dedication. SisterPAC formed their name because they are just that. A team of sisters who have come together through the strong and weak times. Their bond is unlike no other. We are looking forward to their debut at “Future […]

Future 5: South Jersey Storm

How is South Jersey Storm Epic? Our gym is Epic for many reasons! Our 18,000 square foot facility is one of the largest gyms on the East Coast, allowing us to train over 400 athletes. With 7 full cheer floors, 2 tumble traks, a rod floor, inground pool, and many more fun features we have […]

Future 5: One United

How is One United EPIC? One United is Epic because we were born at the feet of giants and still we grow stronger everyday. On our street alone there are 3 other cheering programs. In our state there are 3 mega gyms, 2 of which have at least 4 separate locations each. We had both […]

Future 5: Valley Elite

How is Valley Elite epic? The definition of epic is heroic, majestic, great in an impressive way; all values that Valley Elite stands by. Valley Elite All Stars is epic because every team is coached with the same philosophies and techniques from level 1 to level 5. Every team is important and every team can […]

Future 5: Pennsylvania Elite

How is Pennsylvania Elite Epic? Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading, Inc. was started in a rural town in central PA with a small population of athletes to pull from. When we opened our doors in 2003, we were fortunate enough to have at least 50 athletes join us. Since then, we have had at least 100 athletes […]

Future 5: East Celebrity Elite

How is East Celebrity Elite Epic? East Celebrity is Epic because we were able to win the first Future 5 last year. We were also the first team to perform team single based liberty stunts at this level and age. How does East Celebrity Elite lead the way? East Celebrity Elite leads the way by […]

Future 5: World Cup

How is World Cup epic? World Cup is epic due to our long-standing history in competitive cheerleading. As the all star industry has evolved over the years we’ve maintained our place amongst the greats. Our gym owners have also been the voices who’ve inspired positive changes the have benefitted all who participate in this wonderful […]

Future 5: Cheer Tyme

How is Cheer Tyme EPIC? Cheer Tyme has hardworking, resilient athletes as well as a hardworking, resilient staff. That combination results in an EPIC program! How does Cheer Tyme lead the way? Kim and Crasher have lead the way in the cheer industry for many, many years. Having their timeless knowledge of the sport, as […]

Future 5: All Star One

How is All Star One EPIC? All Star One is so often described as the EPIC little South Jersey gym that packs a powerful punch. I promise we’ll surprise you! We are EPIC stunter’s who will make you STOP and take notice. We’ll steal your attention before you know it. Try to look away during […]