Gym Spotlight | Power Cheer!

Power Cheer! is celebrating 20 years; tell us about your journey. I moved to Florida after cheering at the University of Kansas and began working as an xray tech. I had been involved in gymnastics and cheer for the majority of my life and NOT being involved was killing me! I called around the local […]

Gym Spotlight | Myrtle Beach All Stars

When was Myrtle Beach All Stars founded: “It was 2011. Our first year was spent recruiting and training athletes. Our first competitive season was 2012.” Give us some background of how the gym came to be: “I had a gym in NC for quite some time and had considered opening up one if we ever […]

Gym Spotlight | Adrenaline Studio All Stars

When was Adrenaline All Stars established? Adrenaline was established in 2003 as an after school program for elementary school kids. Since then it has progressed to be one of the largest after school companies in Northern Virginia, a studio, and one of the largest All Star competitive programs in the country.   What is Adrenaline’s philosophy? At Adrenaline we believe ALL kids can learn.  We […]

Gym Spotlight | Nor’ Eastern Storm Allstars

When did NES form?  March 2006 What were some struggles you faced when NES first started? Location was difficult, a little out of the way as well as not handicapped accessible.  The next location allowed us to add a special needs team. Also people weren’t familiar with competitive cheerleading so we had to get a lot of information […]