Epic Athlete | Hayden Ashley Ward

My name is Hayden Ashley Ward. I am a 15 year old cheerleader from Mobile, Alabama. I have been an all-star cheerleader since I was 4 years old and this is my eleventh season. I love to cheer and love everything about our sport! Cheerleading is not just something that I do, it embodies who I […]

Epic Athlete | Jenna Roman

Tell us about yourself: I am the type of person who will set a goal and push until I reach that goal. I am hardworking, determined and always striving to better myself on and off the mat. My schoolwork is just as important to me as cheering. It is important for me to do my […]

Epic Athlete | Ryan Respinto

Well my journey began about 10 years ago when I went to my sisters practice because I used to want to play on the trampoline, and I saw this really big team and they did all these cool tricks and I told my mom that I want to do that, so I started classes at […]

Epic Athlete | Kennedy Thames

7 years ago I started the sport that I would soon fall in love with. It all started in a small town in South Carolina when I first started cheerleading. When I was ten, I was on the first ever level 1 and 2 team in my town when I had a full and a […]

Epic Athlete | Karolyne Day

My name is Karolyne Day, I am sixteen years old, a Junior in high school and I have been cheering since I was four years old. Something that is unique about me is that I was born with my name spelled, Carolyne with a “C”. Two of my sisters, Kylie and Kendall, and I had […]

Epic Athlete | Bethany Thompson

Being an epic athlete to me means that even though I am with a group of amazing athletes that are extremely talented, everybody starts somewhere. Nobody starts off being the best at what they do, you have to work for it. To be the best you have to push yourself, you have to set goals, […]

Epic Athlete | Ava Acheson

“What’s the next challenge?” is the question an Epic Athlete is always asking themselves in the back of their mind. I feel the definition of an Epic Athlete is having the drive to constantly push forward in your sport. All of my fellow Epic Athletes are incredible to watch perform. They jump higher, tumble harder […]

Epic Athlete | Brookelyn Cristaudo & Payton Derr

Our first Epic Athletes of the season are Brookelyn Cristaudo from Utah Fusion Allstars and Payton Derr from Pennsylvania Elite. As 12-year-old Payton put it, “ an Epic Athlete is one that excels in her sport. She is ambitious and is always working hard and willing to learn new skills/techniques to help her continue to […]

Live Full Out | Party In a Box

For February, the Epic office organized a Valentine’s Day Party-in-a-Box for the Children’s Hospital at Sinai in Baltimore, MD. Staff members donated plates, napkins, crafts, decorations, balloons, candy, cards, and other supplies in the hopes of creating a fun and carefree atmosphere the patients and staff could enjoy. We wrapped the supplies in printed tissue […]

Live Full Out | Sara Hancock

During the month of February, our social media director Sara had the chance to travel overseas for work. But she wasn’t travelling with us. Sara and 11 of her (Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader) teammates had a once in a lifetime chance to work with Armed Forces Entertainment to visit troops overseas. The 10 day trip took […]