Epic Athlete | Ava Acheson

“What’s the next challenge?” is the question an Epic Athlete is always asking themselves in the back of their mind. I feel the definition of an Epic Athlete is having the drive to constantly push forward in your sport. All of my fellow Epic Athletes are incredible to watch perform. They jump higher, tumble harder and complete the most daring stunts/pyramids/baskets and make it look effortless.

However, with all of that accomplishment, all Epic Athletes have one thing in common… a drive for more. There’s always more to learn, a more difficult skill to conquer or a new one to invent. An Epic Athlete knows there is always someone else out there that can teach them something new. They are humble and hungry to learn from a fellow athlete.

To live full out as an Epic Athlete in the sport of cheer for me means you must have a sense of teamwork and adventure. I am always given brand new bases every year. Most of the time they are either new to the sport or have never one-maned, and have never learned grips. I live full out as an Epic teammate by coming in extra to work harder, to be patient and to always be positive until my teammates and I hit. To live full out you must be willing to work harder and love your team.

Adventure is another way I live full out as an Epic Athlete. In this sport there is always a new pyramid or stunt to be created and tested. As an Epic Athlete, I am usually one of the flyers that is used to test these new ideas. At times there is fear, but I push through by tapping into my love for adventure- no leap through the air while flipping across the pyramid, or upside down, spinning transition can stop me. I have fallen many times, but it’s the love of what this new stunt could be that keeps me getting back up. It’s the thrill of the adventure that keeps a smile on my face and a push to try what else could make that stunt even more difficult and more visual.

Finally, I will continue to live full out as an Epic Athlete because I know at age 13 there is still so much more for me to learn from my teammates, my coaches, and from all the other Epic Athletes out there that have yet to be named. Thank you to my team for all the mat talk and love, to our competitors for being so amazing year after year that it challenges me and pulls me back to the gym, and a huge thank you to my amazing coaches that stand by me and support me living full out as an Epic Athlete day in and day out. I couldn’t do it without each and everyone of you.