Epic Athlete | Jenna Roman

Tell us about yourself:

I am the type of person who will set a goal and push until I reach that goal. I am hardworking, determined and always striving to better myself on and off the mat. My schoolwork is just as important to me as cheering. It is important for me to do my best in all my classes. I love to learn.  Some unique things about me- while everyone chooses to learn Spanish, I am learning French. I am obsessed with crepes… My favorite kind is a cannoli crepe.

What’s it mean to you to be an Epic Athlete?

Being an epic athlete has been very important to me. Being chosen for this honor demonstrates my dedication, my work ethic, my athleticism and my drive to constantly do better than I did the day before. I use each performance on the mat to self-reflect on my weaknesses and strive to put my best effort forth the next time out. Being selected as an epic athlete has allowed me to be a role model to younger athletes and I hope to provide them with some inspiration as to where hard work and determination can take you.

I embody the essence of an epic athlete in my everyday life by giving 110% all the time – at school both in my schoolwork and my school cheer team, as well as at all star cheer. It is about being better today than I was yesterday. It is about setting those goals and striving for them daily.

How’d you get to where you are now?

Getting to where I am now- well some may think it just happens overnight, but it doesn’t. I always had big hopes and dreams when I started my cheer journey but it wasn’t easy. I have devoted many hours in the gym to reach the goals that I had set. It was blood, sweat, and tears; it was sometimes being told no or not being chosen for something. In those cases, the no fueled me to work harder for what I wanted. For the last three years, I have worked endlessly with my own coaches, private lessons, open gym, and practices to develop my weaknesses. I also work with my gymnastics coach as well as my stunting coach to further develop my skills. Additionally, I travel to different colleges and to TCLM clinics to further develop my passion for coed stunting. If you want something you need to work for it.

A lesson you’ll never forget:

The most important lesson I have learned is to never give up no matter how tired or frustrated you are- you have to keep pushing through. Always reach for that goal-perseverance makes you a better athlete!!

Your Cheer Goal:

My biggest cheer goal- well my end goal is to cheer at college down south, either at Kentucky or Alabama. This is why I am always working on my coed stunting skills. I know to reach that cheer goal it will be hard work and determination as well; both in out of the classroom and gym.  My current goal is a tumbling goal to master my double whip double pass. I can achieve this goal by getting in the gym and working with my private coaches through drills and practice, as well as having a positive mindset that I can achieve whatever goal I have set.

It has been an honor to represent The Epic Brands as an Epic Athlete. I am truly grateful for this opportunity.