Epic Athlete | Karolyne Day

My name is Karolyne Day, I am sixteen years old, a Junior in high school and I have been cheering since I was four years old. Something that is unique about me is that I was born with my name spelled, Carolyne with a “C”. Two of my sisters, Kylie and Kendall, and I had our names on the walls in our bedrooms. At age three, I noticed that I was the only one spelled with a “C”. So, I decided to change it on my own and I went around telling everyone how my new name was Karolyne with a “K”. My mom and dad just thought that it was a phase but a few months later in preschool, I wouldn’t accept my papers if it had a “C” on it. Later on, my parents finally decided to change it legally to a “K” so that I would start off kindergarten accepting my papers! So that’s how I got my unique spelling of Karolyne.

Being an Epic Athlete is such an honor. There is no full way to express how thankful I am to be among all the incredible other athletes and ladies of Under Armour. I have become a better cheerleader and person by being an Epic Athlete. How I embody the essence of an Epic Athlete in my day-to-day life is by representing a positive attitude and staying strong in the tough times. Being an Epic Athlete and the brand Under Armour reminds me to always push through the tough times.

There have been many difficult obstacles that I’ve had to overcome and there will be many more hard tasks, ahead. These all create the person that I am. I believe that one major thing that has helped me along the journey to becoming who I am is, hard work and dedication. Every time I step foot into the cheer gym
my goal is to be the hardest worker out there. Even on those days where I am not at my best and I may not get any new skills, I still keep on working and never, ever, give up!

The most impactful lesson I have learned throughout my cheer career, which also helps me in everyday situations, is to take one step at a time. This little saying has been very helpful because it has taught me to slow things down and not focus on things ahead. Taking time to just be in the present is a big thing to me and since I have said these things it has been a wonderful asset to my everyday self-thoughts.

I hope to continue my cheer career at a university. Sideline cheer and competing at NCA or UCA national is a goal of mine. One thing that I would say to the younger athletes would be to always remember the saying, “work hard, have fun, with a good attitude.” This has helped me become a better athlete and person on and off the cheer floor. My mom and dad have been telling me a form of that every day since I was around six years old and it is something that I live by.