Epic Gives Back | Maryland Food Bank

Thanksgiving means reflecting on what we are grateful for while spending time with loved ones and eating grandma’s homemade apple pie. What some people may not realize is that not every family gathers around the dinner table on that Thursday in November… there are many that go hungry. The Maryland Food Bank aims to serve as many of the 600,000 plus hungry Marylanders as possible every day.

Maryland Food Bank’s mission: Our mission is to lead the movement and nurture the belief that together we can improve the lives of Marylanders by ending hunger.

Through school programs, food distribution, multiple food clubs, “pantry on the go,” and numerous other outlets, the MFB helps fulfill meals missed throughout the state. Alongside all of this, the food bank seeks volunteers to help make the bigger picture happen. EPIC Brands stepped in this past week to help in the Charles T. Bauer Community Kitchen. Our group, along with a few other regular volunteers, worked together to peel over 100 lbs. of apples and flash-froze over 50 lbs. of chili to add to their always growing inventory.

While at MFB our EPIC team saw how easy it was to volunteer your time and make a difference. We encourage our community to do the same and donate in any way you can!