Epic Gives Back | Maryland SPCA

The end of the summer and the beginning of the competition season means it’s time for EPIC to visit one of our favorite organizations, the MD SPCA! This awesome organization is not only a wellness clinic, but also a home away from home for all pets. They have no time limit for how long a pet stays in their care!

Our annual visit was especially rewarding this year. With Hurricane Harvey leaving many animals stranded, the SPCA has taken in as many as they could house. We learned that they will be receiving even more transports from hurricane-affected areas of Florida, so we cleaned and organized a ton of donated crates that’ll be used to transport those animals left behind. In addition, we helped prep for their Teacher Happy Hour event that took place on September 14th. This event is designed for teachers to learn about the ReLove Animals Inc. Education for Responsibility Program and the MD SPCA’s Beyond the Classroom Program. They then take their materials provided at the event and educate their kids on the right and safe ways to treat animals!

MD SPCA’s mission is to, “improve the lives of pets and people in the community,” and EPIC is proud to support them. We encourage athletes, parents, and coaches alike to follow our lead and volunteer in their communities. Share your volunteer stories with us by tagging @theepicbrands!