The Rewards Program that gives you what you really want – a discount off of your total registration for each event taken off UPFRONT when you register!
Rewards Level Event** Discount %**
Entry 1st Planned 5%
Bronze 2nd Planned 8%
Silver 3rd Planned 10%
Gold 4th Planned 15%
Platinum 5th Planned 20%

**Discount is taken off of total registration amount, BEFORE any processing, miscellaneous or coach fees.
**Rewards are based PER TEAM (not per program).
**Rewards do not apply to events located at theme parks.

Get more bang for your buck with discounts on participant registration fees and crossovers (this excludes additional park events, coaches, processing fees, and additional dance performances). Compete more, save big with this per team discount. Each team will save more on each event they attend. Epic Rewards saves you more money throughout the season. Discounts are applied through the number your program is given. Call us today to sign up!

If you have any questions, email