Gym Spotlight | All Star Prep

All Star Prep; Noun

“All Star Prep is an entry level product that is offered as an introduction to traditional all star cheer and is intended to help gym owners build their program, create revenue, and grow the industry as a whole… The typical all star prep program will provide an opportunity for the incoming athlete to be introduced to and experience all star with limited commitment and exposure. The program that is created by the gym should include a shorter season, limited weekly practices, a lower financial commitment, limited travel, and a uniform that differs from their traditional all star program. “ – USASF


1. What do you think has made your program successful as a Prep program?

MD Allstar Athletics: Our Allstar Prep program is successful because we make it fun! We want our athletes to fall in love with Allstar Cheerleading. We incorporate team bonding activities, games, and contests into every practice. We offer a positive experience with lots of praise, hugs, and high fives. Our coaches do their best to get our athletes excited about their future in the sport.

Dynamite Allstars: Our prep program was significantly more successful this season than it has been in previous years. We spent time in the late summer and fall developing partnerships with area rec organizations. This investment helped give rec coaches the confidence to feed their athletes into our program for the winter. Our class program was also an excellent feeder into the prep program as the weekly time commitment is only slightly higher than a class.

Shockwave Allstars: We believe that much of the success of our prep program stems from the fact that we treat them no differently from our non-prep teams. All of our teams are equally important to us and are treated as such.

Shore Pride Allstars: Our prep program has been most successful because we are able to introduce kids to the all star world without the commitment of a full year all star team. It also allows kids the freedom to try other sports and activities.

Chesapeake Elite All Stars: The ability to offer the sport to athletes just starting out.


2. How does All Star Prep differ from what your program has done in previous years?

MD Allstar Athletics: Allstar Prep allows our athletes to have a smooth transition as they progress through the levels. The Allstar Prep Scoring System is less demanding which allows our coaches to perfect the basics. Our athletes compete with confidence since the expectations are reasonable. Our Allstar Prep teams have practice and competition schedules that are less demanding then Traditional Allstars. They compete at local events with limited travel. We try to keep the cost of Allstar Prep affordable to attract those that are new to the sport. Offering lower cost Prep teams has opened the door to athletes who may not be able to afford Traditional Allstar Cheer.

Dynamite Allstars: The structure of our prep program is different than our full-year allstar. However, what I didn’t want to happen was make it so drastically different that the prep athletes and families didn’t feel as if they were a part of the program. Our prep program starts in December and all of the new athletes were still encouraged to come to the gym-wide holiday party. Our prep program is also not on a completely different schedule, they attend three of the local competitions with the full-year kids. I think this year we also hit on a price point that is more manageable. In previous years the price point was not giving us the volume needed to make the half-year program successful. It seems that this year we have finally hit on something that matches financially with the most people.

Shockwave Allstars: Our all star prep teams offer our athletes a spot on an entry level team for their individual skill level and enables them to perform the skills they have obtained without the pressure of maxing out in every category before being able to compete at each level.

Shore Pride Allstars: Its all about flexibility! a lot of families can’t commit to the extra practices, travel and costs. This allows for every kid to have a “special” tumbling pass or featured dance without the stress of winning

Chesapeake Elite All Stars: It’s a little more low key and less intense.


3. What makes you the most excited for Reach the Beach: All Star Prep Nationals?

MD Allstar Athletics: Our Allstar Prep teams have had a lot of success at the local competitions they’ve attended. We’re excited to bring these teams to a big, end of the year event. Competing at the Reach The Beach Allstar Nationals in the Prep Division will give our athletes a chance to shine! A lot of excitement comes with traveling as team and competing at such a special event. We want our athletes to wrap up the season with plenty of special memories.

Shockwave Allstars: We love that All Star Prep Nationals offers prep teams an opportunity to feel like they have a competition that focuses specifically on them and highlights their accomplishments.

Shore Pride Allstars: So Excited! great way to expose the kids to a big national competition without the overwhelming feeling of a big worlds event. It also allows our coaching staff to focus on our prep teams and not worrying about our all star teams! Also its right at our back door!

Chesapeake Elite All Stars: To be able to offer such a prestigious Nationals to prep teams.


4. How do you think Prep has made in impact on your program AND in the cheer world?

MD Allstar Athletics: Prep teams allow athletes of all ages to try the sport to determine if it’s something they want to pursue. With Allstar Prep, athletes do not have the expense and commitment level of Traditional Allstar Cheer. By offering two options, we have be able to consistently increase our overall enrollment. In addition, the great experience we provide retains athletes and makes them eager for the next step. We are proud that our Allstar Prep program is fostering the growth and longevity of this amazing sport!

Dynamite Allstars: In our 5th season this year, we broke 100 athletes for the first time with the addition of our prep athletes. I see prep as a feeder into full-year allstar. A lot of people are interested but the commitment of full-year is overwhelming to many. While people used to ask if they can “try-out” the summer to decide if they want to cheer I can now just tell them to wait until half-year because it is essentially a “try-out” season. If they like it, great, make the 11-month commitment next year. If they don’t then it was a 5-month activity and you move on to the next thing.

Shockwave Allstars: Prep divisions have allowed our program to grow by providing a variety of team options that make sense for each individual athlete as well as a much less intimidating entry into the world of all star cheerleading. We believe these divisions have benefited the cheer world in a similar fashion and encourage new athletes to enter the sport by offering them appropriate team options.

Shore Pride Allstars: Prep has made a huge impact on the cheer world! it’s a great stepping stone for smaller gyms to get started, I only wish they had this option years ago. It allows for all skill levels to be successful. For us as a program it allows for a recreation team which gets kids and parents excited about all star cheer Which only increases our numbers as a program.

Chesapeake Elite All Stars: It gives an option to athlete who are either new to all star or just looking for a sport that is like All Star but slightly less demanding of time and more focus on just having fun.