Gym Spotlight | Lancaster Athletic Cheer

Lancaster Athletic CheerLA All Stars (or) LA

1. Lancaster Athletic Cheer started in 2013 with just 26 girls; tell us about the journey you and those athletes went on to start up LAC.

We started LAC with just 26 excited athletes who were interested in competing after football cheer ended. Every competition and every new experience from that season on has been so exciting for our LAC Family. Over the past 5 years, through team work, strong work ethic and a love for the sport, we have had the opportunity to experience amazing moments (entire program winning US Finals in 2016, Showdown Champions at Reach the Beach, Coach of the Year Award to just name a few) and build life-long friendships. As our program has grown, we have always strived to keep that family feel.

2. What is your gym’s philosophy?

Our gym philosophy is to not only train our athletes physically and mentally, but also to help them to develop as strong and caring people. We believe cheer is so much more than just the skills. Cheer teaches work ethic, sportsmanship, sacrifice, perseverance, teamwork and so much more! At LA, we make sure our athletes are constantly learning not only skills on the mat but life-long lessons off the mat!

3. What made you want to advance to an Allstar program? We want to hear all about the transformation!

We enjoyed our years competing in the Rec arena. There are so many high caliber teams that we met at competitions and who pushed us to become better and better. We made the decision to move to All Star for our athletes who wanted to focus more on competitive cheer, who wanted to train in the gym more and who wanted to have more opportunities to compete. We still have many athletes who are cheering for football and we work hard to make both doable for them because we continue to believe in the importance of being a part of your community.

4. What do you think will be the greatest obstacle your gym will face in the near future? How do you plan to overcome that?

We have had a lot of changes recently….going to All Star, moving into our own gym, adding a prep program, and adding more teams. Our biggest challenge will be finding a good balance for All Star cheer. In the past, we didn’t start practicing until November when football ended. Now we are in the gym through the Fall. We want to keep athletes invested, motivated and never settling! Our goal is for our athletes to embrace the hard work and sacrifice for the moments that will give them friendships and memories of a lifetime. We are very focused on team building! We take time throughout the season to highlight “Stars of the week”, talk about team goals and expectations, plan fun events etc. For us, it is really so much more than 2:30.

5. What are you most looking forward to for the 2017-2018 season?

LA All Stars is looking forward to seeing our athletes grow stronger and stronger and push themselves to new heights! The sky is the limit!

6. Any other fun info you’d like to share?

• We have been so blessed over the past 5 years and can’t wait to see what the future holds for our athletes, families and LA All Stars. We thank all those in the industry for embracing us and making us feel like our program matters. For example, Epic has always treated our program like rockstars from the 1st season! It was that kind of support that reinforced to us that anything is possible if you just believe!

• Since we started, our retention rate has been close to 95%. We are truly a family who believes in why we started and where we want to go! Many of our families bleed Blue and Green and it is truly awesome to see!