Make Your Mark…Be Epic

When we set out to find a team that would exemplify what it means to Make Your Mark for our Be Epic campaign this year, the first team that came to mind was Maryland Twisters F5. It didn’t take long after walking through their gym to notice that Twisters has made their mark on the cheerleading world over the past 15 years. Their gym is peppered with National Champion banners and Worlds globes from their hundreds of events that they’ve won over the years. Lead by President Tara Cain, Twisters F5 took home the Worlds Champion globe in 2011.

Taking home the World title in 2011 was a huge accomplishment for Twisters but the vibe in their gym is anything but complacent. The coaches and cheerleaders are focused on getting better every day making their mark again in the 2013-14 season. Tara had this to say about her goals for the upcoming season: “My goal for this year is that the Twisters program stays stronger throughout ever single level. Whether it’s level 1 all the way to level 5, I want to make sure that every single team is strong…that every single person on this program progresses at the right pace so that next year they can move up the right way.” This  focus on making sure all of her teams and each of her athletes gets better each year shows how focused she is on leading a successful program.

When asked about what Twisters has done to make their mark on the cheerleading world, Cain said, “We’ve never tried to copy anyone. We’ve tried to stay true to who we are by having really creative music, innovative stunting and superior tumbling. I think we’ve made our mark because of the simple fact that we were one of the first programs to have full squad tumbling.” This move to full squad tumbling made a huge impact on the cheerleading world. Twisters decided to be innovative with their routine and other programs have taken notes and followed suit.

Coaching in any sport can only go so far. Coaches spend countless hours teaching their athletes the right technique to help them succeed. However nothing will truly happen until the athletes buy into the coaching and unite together for one goal. F5 flyer, A.J. Singleton, talked about the unity she has with her teammates when she described the thoughts that go through her head seconds before she starts her routine: “I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and I realize that I have 29 other girls depending on me to do my job… It’s important that they can trust me and that I have their back.”

Cain, assistant coach True Hall and the rest of the Twisters coaches have done an extraordinary job over the last 15 years to help unite these athletes. The spoils from all of their hard work have come in numerous trophies and banners, but more importantly in the bonds that these cheerleaders share. Twisters have  made their mark on the cheerleading industry and they’re looking forward to continuing that trend in the 2013-14 competition season.

Make Your MarkBe Epic

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