Rise Up | Allison Trippetti

When we asked Epic Athlete Allison Trippetti how she rises up, she touched on something very mature for her age. She told us, “The biggest obstacle between me and my dreams is myself.” She acknowledges that there will always be people better and worse than her, an idea that applies to almost every aspect of life. When asked how she deals with this realization she answered, “The one thing you can change is your attitude and perspective. Cheerleading is just as demanding mentally as it is physically. I stay positive by reminding myself that I can overcome anything. No matter how hard something seems, it is always worth a try.” Allison’s mature answer comes from years of experience and dedication. She struggled with doubles at first landing on her back each time. She recalls how rough it was to work so hard over and over again waiting for something to click. But she knew she couldn’t give up and within a couple of months it clicked and she was landing on her feet. She met a block again when she began to work whip doubles. She struggled with form and the mental understanding of the skill. She started to psych herself out, twisting early and not blocking enough which made the skill even harder for her to accomplish. Allison is still working to perfect whip doubles but with her never give up attitude and realistic approach to obstacles, we know she’ll dominate that skill in no time and be on to the next!