Rise Up | Bella Delacruz

Epic Athlete Bella Delacruz of Premier All Stars, explained her journey when facing one of her toughest obstacles in cheerleading. “One of my most difficult obstacles I have had to overcome in my 7 years of cheerleading was being able to do a standing full. The first time I was able to do one was at Woodward Cheerleading Camp. When I got back home I tried to do the skill at my gym, but I wasn’t able to land it anymore. It was frustrating to not be able to do a skill I just had. But I was determined to do it again. Even if I failed while trying, I knew I would be able to overcome this obstacle. It took serval months but finally something clicked and I was able to do it. It made me feel so happy and proud of myself to achieve my goal. I always knew that with hard work and determination I could achieve anything and ultimately become an Epic Athlete!” Bella’s ability to overcome defeat and frustration is essential to her success. We wish her the best as she continues to dominate the mat.