Rise Up | Emily Bott & Shelby Fellows

Our March Epic Athletes may be small but oh so mighty. Both Emily Bott and Shelby Fellows possess the poise of a humble competitor and drive of a winner. Each takes a different approach to Rising Up.

Emily Bott of Long Island Cheer speaks on the specific struggles she has faced this season and how she and her team have tackled those obstacles in order to succeed.

“This season my main goal, like every year, is to be better than I was the year before. I want to be more confidant when performing all my skills, from stunting to tumbling and even the dance (I have the hardest time with that). As a team, we have had to overcome many obstacles. We lost a lot of girls from last season on my J5 team. The new girls have stepped up to the challenge and the existing girls have worked even harder to try and be the best leaders possible. I can’t wait to see how our hard work as a team will pay off as we go into the final stretch of the season.”

Shelby Fellows of Queensland Elite touches on a subject so pertinent to the nature of the cheer industry. At a young age, Shelby already recognizes the importance of support and rising up together in order to succeed.

“Fighting a battle against jealousy is a huge obstacle in this sport. I rise up against this by constantly being positive not just for myself but towards others in the hope my positivity rubs off on them so we can all support each other. Cheering everyone on when they get a new skill and supporting everyone when they are struggling with certain areas of the sport can make a huge difference. I have found that for me to rise up I must also keep lifting those around me so that we can all rise up together. Everything is always better when you have support and friendship surrounding you.”

What amazing, young athletes both physically and mentally. We wish both Emily and Shelby all the best and have been so honored to have them represent us as Junior Epic Athletes!