Rise Up | Jaycie Enwright

Epic Athlete Jaycie Enwright of World Cup’s Shooting Stars is such an inspiration. Her talent caught our eye at World’s tryouts this past April but what drew us to Jaycie was her positive demeanor and infectious smile. She faces an obstacle so unique to this sport that you wouldn’t know unless told. Her outlook and maturity have proven essential to overcoming this challenge and we are quite impressed.

“As a competitor and an athlete, I began tumbling and stunting at a later age than most all-star cheerleaders. I learned to rise up to the challenge very early on and cheer had a lot to do with that. As a toddler I was diagnosed with Auditory Processing. I was unable to comprehend or process simple conversations without requiring “wait time”. I worked with therapists until I was 14 years old to help me reach goals to improve my comprehension.

At the age of 9, I walked into my first all-star gym. I barely had any skills and I was already at a disadvantage because of my Auditory Processing. However, I did have a few things on my side, which helped me to rise up and make people take notice. I am a hard worker. I am driven. And God blessed me with this unexpected talent that quickly propelled me to the top of my sport. Looking back on my 6 years of practices and competitions I remember the accomplishments and awards, as well as the struggles and train wreck performances. It’s important to remember both the good and the bad. The hardships and the failures are what drive an athlete like me to rise up and overcome obstacles. Getting a standing full at the age of 10, a running double at 11, competing on a level 5 team all 6 years, making my dream team… The Shooting Stars… And finally, winning NCA! This has all happened because when I fall, I don’t give up. Instead I do what a competitor does to be successful. I rise up.”

We commend Jaycie on her success and encourage all athletes to take note of her relentless positivity and determination.