Rise Up | Kennedy Thames

Epic Athlete Kennedy Thames is known for her top-notch flying skills and fun-loving personality but what most of her followers and fans don’t know are the sacrifices she has made to get to where she is today. Kennedy is a flyer for Rockstar Beatles located in Greenville, NC. She drives almost two hours each way for practice in addition to tumbling classes and school cheer, leaving very little time in the evenings for homework, friends, and family. However, this isn’t a complaint. Kennedy focuses on the positive, telling us that her team is like her second family and that she has made some of the best friends all over the country because of cheer. Instead of feeling defeated, she has adjusted to always make her free time count. Kennedy has learned from an early age how important time management and prioritizing are, something all athletes must master before college.

Kennedy emphasizes the importance of her grades and it shows! While fitting in papers and projects on her way to practice and back she has accomplished a 5.0 GPA, and is #2 in her class of over six hundred students. She acknowledges her family telling us, “I’m very lucky to have such a supportive family that understands my love for my sport and the drive I have to be the best I can be.” Kennedy’s ability to rise up beyond her circumstances and continue to succeed in her sport and school is outstanding. We are very proud to welcome Kennedy to the Epic Athlete family.