Rise Up | Madison Baran

When we asked Epic Athlete Madison Baran of South Jersey Storm All Stars how she rises up, she told us about overcoming injury, a relatable topic for many cheerleaders. Read her story below:

“It was my freshman year of high school and I was a track sprinter. At our very first track meet on April Fool’s Day, I was in my starting position on the runner’s block for the 100m race. As I stood up to run, I heard a loud pop in my knee, but I ignored the sound and finished my race. I noticed that I wasn’t running as fast as I knew I was capable of. When I finished my race, I was trying to walk back to my coach, but my leg was stuck in a slightly bent position. I immediately broke into a nervous cry and sat on the grass. The school trainer came over to take a look and I couldn’t bend or straighten my leg, she then gave me a pair of crutches and suggested that I see a doctor. It was a day that I had practice at Storm so instead of heading to the hospital I went right to the gym to inform my coaches. When I was walking into the gym with tears in my eyes, Matt Adams, my coach, laughed it off and said “April Fools, now put the crutches down,” but it wasn’t a joke. After I talked to my coaches I headed to Rothman Urgent Care where I was told to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, who told me that I tore my meniscus and would need surgery. After 5 days and 6 doctor appointments I had surgery on April 6, 2015. After surgery, I was on crutches for almost 2 months and I went through 3 months of physical therapy. The hardest part was watching my team at the end of April compete at Worlds and for the first time make it to day 2. When the following season came and I wasn’t cleared yet, I strongly debated on taking a year off to relearn my skills. Luckily, my coaches convinced me not to and I feel stronger and more powerful than ever. After 4 months I was cleared on August 11, 2015.”

Madison is back and better than ever. We wish her the best of luck this season as well as all of our Epic Athletes. Stay posted for more testimonials and features as we all strive to Rise Up!