Rise Up | Marisa Bruno

When we asked Epic Athlete Marisa Bruno how she Rises Up she spoke about the dedication, persistence, and concentration it takes to master high level skills in cheerleading. While these philosophies are emphasized from the age an athlete can understand them, they are often taken for granted. Marisa, of USA Wildcats, reminds us that these elements are the foundation of this sport where a cheerleader is constantly working towards a more challenging skill while perfecting the old. She says, “You have to want to succeed more than you want to breathe in this sport.” Marisa admits that standing fulls were her biggest challenge. She would arrive to the gym early and stay late to make sure she was exhausting all efforts to add this new skill to her repertoire.

What is often forgotten is the need to be mentally tough sometimes more than physically. She tells us, “Tumbling is more than just physically flipping your body over. You have to be mentally tough and positive in order to succeed.” We’ve all been where Marisa was, battling our minds in order to make our bodies do what we are asking. She acknowledges how frustrating and defeating it is each time you fall but that its necessary to get up and do it again until the skill becomes muscle memory. And you think, how could I ever not do this? “The blood, sweat, and tears are all worth it in the end because there is no better feeling than the adrenaline rush you get when you walk off the mat knowing you hit a perfect routine.” We couldn’t have said it better. We are very happy to welcome Marisa to the Epic Athlete family!