Rise Up | SPCA

The Epic Office is happy to be volunteering out in our community again! This competition season we are encouraging everyone to Rise Up whether that’s overcoming an obstacle related to your sport, personal life, or your environment. Here at the Epic Office we are rising up against our environment by affecting positive change. And to start things off this month we headed back to one of our favorite organizations, the MD SPCA! We are officially declaring this an annual tradition.

We cleaned cages, landscaped the play area, packed Kong toys with treats, and of course played with some very sweet doggies and kitties. All of the SPCA employees and volunteers were so kind and grateful for our help. We can’t speak highly enough of them. Many people think it would be sad to volunteer at an animal shelter but the facility was clean and all of the animals seemed comfortable and well cared for.

It is so easy and rewarding to volunteer with an organization like the SPCA. We encourage all of our athletes, parents, and coaches to Rise Up and become active in their communities. Another easy way to help is with donations! Click here to see the MD SPCA’s wish list. Share your volunteer stories with us on social media by tagging @epicbrands and using the hashtag #teamepicriseup.