EPIC Brands Scoring System / know more, score more

EPIC Brands have worked together to create a Scoring System that will be used across all of our events during the 2018-2019 season. Having the ability for a team to compete on one system will greatly support the owners, coaches, choreographers and athletes next season.


2018-2019 All Star, All Star Prep, Novice & CheerAbilities Scoring & Deductions
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2018-2019 Recreation Scoring
EPIC Recreation Division Comparison
Performance Rec – Traditional Scoring Rubric
Performance Rec – Club Scoring Rubric.
Performance Recreation – Traditional and Club Level Appropriate Tumbling Skills
Performance Recreation – Traditional and Club Level Appropriate Building Skills with Elite Level Appropriate Stunt Skills

2018-2019 School Scoring
School Performance Division General Information
School Performance Division Scoring Rubric
School Performance Division Skills Grid
School Performance Division Skill Restrictions
School Game Day Rules

College Scoring
General Overview
Collegiate Scoring Rubric
Collegiate Master Score Sheet
Collegiate Division Skills Grid

Individual & Small Group Competition
Dance Solo & Duet-Trio Division Scoring
Cheer Individual & Small Group Division Scoring
Cheer Stunt Group & Partner Stunt Division Scoring

2018-2019 Dance Scoring & Deductions
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With the teams best interest in mind, EPIC is releasing scoring information to teams prior to the final revision, in hopes to help teams start preparing for the season.  We will continue to post the most current scoring information for season 2018-2019 as it is released from the scoring committee.